Welcome to Tribe, a bespoke family service offering a play cafe and holistic workshops to promote wellbeing for parents and young children. Join our Tribe to build a community of support for families, create a central hub of knowledge, and promote a healthy and sustainable life for our children.



Join our Tribe and buy an annual membership for your family for £30.

Our Play Cafe is reserved for members only to prioritise a safe space for our families. Your child holds the membership so they can be accompanied in the play space with a chosen adult. Members receive half price classes in the workshop studio.


Our Play Cafe is a welcome retreat for all the family. Make yourself at home – Our staff will be on hand to make this the most relaxing place to take your family. Enjoy artisan refreshments, speciality teas and coffees, and a selection of wholesome goods to suit the whole family. We have chosen comfortable armchairs to support feeding and can provide cosy places for your babies to rest. We’re fully equipped for bottle warming, sterilising, and ready to support you with weaning. 

Help yourself to basket resources for babies to play with in the cafe!


Whilst parents relax with a book from the library or chat amongst friends, older children can explore the play space. At Tribe we provide open ended play opportunities and non traditional toys to promote children’s creativity and imagination. Playing at Tribe is an experience of curiosity and investigation, storytelling and role play.

Watch them play, learn, grow!


At Tribe we stock a small selection of handpicked children’s gifts and toiletries. Choose from our handmade range of luxury gift wrap and cards to give a gift that is unique and sustainable. 


At Tribe we offer a wide range of workshops, groups and sessions to support your families wellbeing. Join us for holistic workshops such as pregnancy yoga, infant massage and babywearing advice. Learn about pre and post birthing heath, drop in to see our Health Visitor for breastfeeding support, or book a sleep consultancy session. Click on the timetable to find out more about our groups to promote your baby’s development, and opportunities to socialise with other parents. Book online. Limited places available.

Information about the workshop studio sessions to be seen if clicked on to find out more


We know that having a baby is hard, and we want to provide a community that supports you. Feel free to drop into clinic on a Monday Afternoon, no appointment necessary, and meet Paula, for Specialist Feeding Infant Support and Advice. We are here to help!



4 week programme £6 per session

Yoga is so natural for babies and infants, their little bodies are just designed to move, so we have lots of fun moving how the body needs to in these sessions. Tina incorporates imaginative and intuitive movements for a loving and developmentally attuned yoga practice that both parents and their little ones can enjoy together. We use songs and rhymes, and stimulate the senses with a range of beautiful props that bring in extra magic. Through the practice as adults we are returning to the unrestricted innocence and bliss of infancy, both parents and toddlers will benefit from this moment in time together. These sessions will help to support babies and toddlers:

  • Sleep better
  • Get relief from gas pains and colic
  • Digest food easier
  • Stay healthier with a stronger immune system
  • Receive neuromuscular stimulation 
  • Learn to relax

Complimentary refreshments and information will all be available in our beautiful family space after each session.



Booking essential £6 per session

Join us for an insight into your Toddler’s mind and learn about patterns of play in this dynamic four week course designed to support your child’s development. Discovering different topics each month for example:

1.Circles – Exploring rotation through spinning
2. Hide & Seek – Filling and emptying, and finding hidden objects
3. Patterns – Transient art
4. Exploring change – Investigating hot and cold
5. Let’s dance – Movement and music
6. Play – Schemas and how to channel them.



Booking essential £6 per session

Prepare to get messy in our  introduction to sensory play, discovering new textures each week. Explore non traditional resources and learn how to support your babies development through sensory play. Meet other parents and enjoy artisan refreshments in our Play Cafe after each session.



Booking essential £6 per session

Our six week course is led by our IMA Baby Massage Instructor. Each session focuses on massage strokes for different parts of the body. Baby Massage promotes attachment bond between parent and baby, supports healthy development, increases sleep and may provide relief from wind, colic, constipation and teething. 

Complimentary refreshments, massage oils and information will all be available in our beautiful


Booking essential £6 per session

Join us every Wednesday as we bring stories and songs to life through dance and expressive movement!


Booking essential £6 per session

Get creative with your children and work together to chop, slice, pour and mix. Make something delicious to take home with you at the end of each class!


Pregnancy brings a profound shift in a women’s mind, body and spiritual energy. Our pregnancy yoga sessions offer bespoke support during a unique and very personal life changing journey. Click here for more information


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